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Insurance Broker Bond Information

An insurance broker bond is a type of license and permit bond which guarantees that insurance brokers account for insurance premiums they collect. It also guarantees that they will develop risk mitigation strategies faithfully and in accordance with state laws and regulations. The insurance broker bond protects individuals who may be harmed by the actions of a licensed insurance broker. It is required by the state department of insurance upon applying for a new insurance broker license and throughout the duration of the license. Cases in which a new claim can be filed against an insurance broker bond include:

  • Collecting premiums for non-existent insurance policies
  • Manipulating insurance rates and collecting higher premiums
  • Misleading clients to get new insurance policies they do not need
  • Encouraging clients to lie about personal details in insurance applications
  • Encouraging clients to conceal and misrepresent their personal financial status in insurance applications

If a claim is filed and proven to be valid, the individual or business may be reimbursed for the amount of financial losses and other consequences. In some situations, the larger insurance company that a broker represents is guaranteed payment for its products.  

Are Insurance Agents Bonded?

Insurance broker bonds are relevant to insurance brokers or insurance agents, insurance adjusters, surplus lines brokers, and others. Furthermore, depending on the state you are based in, you may either have to get an insurance broker bond which covers the whole agency (and includes all individuals) or have each individual bonded separately.  

Insurance Broker Bond Cost

Most states require insurance brokers bonds to be between the price of $10,000 and $20,000. Insurance broker bonds costs and requirements vary greatly as the insurance broker bonds amounts and regulations surrounding each license are established on state level. Most states have laws that require insurance brokers to get bonded before they can be licensed. Always make sure to call and check with your states department of insurance to know what kind of bond you need! Insurance broker bonds are considered relatively low risk by a bonding company when bonding companies compare them against other commercial surety bonds due to the states very strict licensing requirements. Because of this rates are good, and vary very little between each surety company.  But not everyone will be accepted in the standard market. If, due to your credit report, you do not qualify for the standard market, we can offer you an insurance broker bond through our special bad credit surety bond program.  

Learn More About Insurance Broker Bonds

State governments often require bonding as a prerequisite to licensing. The following states have the following bonding requirements for insurance brokers that need to be met:

  • California- The California Producer Licensing Bureau requires that insurance brokers need to post $10,000 surety bonds prior to conducting business in the state of California.
  • Georgia- The Georgia Commissioner of Insurance states that they  require insurance counselors to submit a  $5,000 surety bond amount to qualify for an insurance agency license in the state of Georgia.
  • Illinois-Illinois insurance producer bonds are required by the state of Illinois Department of Insurance in an amount of $2,500 or 5% of the total premiums brokered in the past year, whichever is greater. The required bond amount is not to exceed $50,000.
  • New Mexico- Non-resident insurance brokers in New Mexico are required to post a surety bond by the Insurance Division of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission before commencing business operations in New Mexico. The required amount of this bond varies to qualify for a new  insurance agency license in New Mexico.
  • North Carolina- Insurance brokers must post a surety bond in the amount of $15,000 before commencing business operations in the state of North Carolina, as required by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
  • Oklahoma-The Oklahoma Insurance Department states that they require a $5,000 surety bond for life or accident and health insurance brokers in the state of Oklahoma.
  • South Carolina-  Insurance brokers must post $10,000 surety bonds to qualify for an insurance agency license in the state of South Carolina as required by the South Carolina Department of Insurance.
  • Texas-Insurance agencies must post $25,000 surety bonds to qualify for an insurance agency license in the state of Texas, as required by the Texas Department of Insurance

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Enjoy Fast, Easy & Accurate Bonding Services

We are a reliable surety bond broker. A great surety bonding broker starts with the right people. The right people employ the right tools online and offline  to help make it easy for customers to get a bond quote fast. ACS is one of the leaders in the country in placing surety bonds. We have placed thousands of new surety bonds for our customers. Our network of surety companies is one of the best. Being a front leader in placing surety bonds has produced positive results, and along the way we are able to be a preferred vendor to our clients.

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  • Credit below 650 and/or have blemishes on credit report.
  • Average cost is 5-15% of the bond amount.
  • Available for all commercial bonds.

Why does credit matter? Applying for a surety bond is similar to applying for a loan. You are asking a surety company to back you financially. Reviewing credit is the best method for the surety to understand their risk. All sureties review credit as a view only and should have no effect on your credit score. While it is true that bad credit makes it harder to obtain a competitive quote, we are committed to making sure all of our customers have access to the best possible rates. While we can’t guarantee that we can provide a bond for the most extreme bad credit situations, we strive to make sure no stone is unturned! In other words, if you are insurable, we will get it written. Contact us today and let us put together an online quote for you that will exceed your expectations.

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