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As a public official, the notary public harms the public trust by failing in their duty to confirm identity and the notary bond protects the state of such acts.  If a notary public in a given state doesn’t confirm identity and a loss occurs, an injured party can file a claim against that State for the loss, because the State was negligent through its appointed representative. A surety bond is a guarantee of payment to the obligee (the State) should losses occur for a penalty amount of the bond. Notary Public bonds are usually provided by a surety company (typically an insurance carrier). The bond generally runs concurrently with the period of a notary’s commission. Bonds by State

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Three party agreement

Surety Bond Definition: The definition of a surety bond is as follows: A surety bond is a binding agreement between three parties. This agreement sets forth a financial guarantee by one party ( “surety” ) to another party ( “obligee” ) that a third party ( “principal” ) will fulfill required obligations to the obligee, and that state, federal, and local laws and applicable regulations will be adhered to. Let’s examine each of the three parties.

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