Supersedeas Bonds (Appeal Bonds)

Supersedeas Bonds (Appeal Bonds) Information

A supersedeas bond, also known as an appeal bond, is a type of court bond that is often requested by a court before an appellant can appeal a judgment to a higher court. There are very high requirements for obtaining an appeal bond. The purpose of those requirements is to reduce the possibility of appellate system abuse through unnecessary appeals by plaintiffs. Appeal bonds guarantee that if an appellant loses the case which has been appealed, they will fulfill their obligations in accordance with the initial judgment. In order to obtain an appeal bond, appellants must always post at least 100% collateral. This collateral is paid out to the claimant in case the appellant loses the appeal. The acceptable forms of collateral are:
  • Cashier's Check
  • Cash, wire transfer
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) from an pre-approved bank
After you apply, we will email you the specific details of what is needed.  Because collateral is required, there is additional paperwork required therefore please allow several days for this bond to come together.

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